Some Kind Words From Our Customers

“seamless & smooth”

When it comes time for a parent to leave their home, there are some challenges to face. In wanting to create a “new home” environment that is warm and comfortable, I realized I needed assistance to make the move seamless & smooth with sensitivity for my mother’s feelings. I hired Roma Starkey, owner of Romarooms to prepare the move approach with necessity, safety, budget, timing, & space plan.

Looking back, I’m not sure if the move would have happened without her. What a talent she has for working through years of treasured collections while keeping her eye on the bigger picture. Roma organized me, the move, the movers, & the transition experience with professionalism and ease. Her skills kept us on track and provided the relief I needed to see this job tastefully done.

On a side note, I am hiring her to help me prepare my mother’s lake house for sale with all the “left-overs”. To be continued……

D. Hernandez, Lake Wales, FL

"Eternally Grateful"

I am eternally grateful for your help with my move. I had to hang a picture by myself in my office and was sure wishing you were there. Thanks again Wonder Roma!

Carol Schindler


If your vessel looks like it's “shipwrecked”, don’t abandon ship just SOS call Romarooms and let Roma & her team of professionals rescue your vessel! I’m certainly glad I did because they have given the interior space of my floating home a face lift while working with a very limited budget.

My experience with Romarooms has been one of honesty, trustworthiness, caring to go the extra mile for customer satisfaction, production as agreed, and to date under budget! They carefully carved out a plan for the new look & selected the materials to get the job done right. I did myself a favor in making that SOS call & am getting used to my new living space on the water!

Capt'n Arnie

"More Livable"

Thanks for making my home so much more livable. My eyes don't hurt anymore when I come home and look at my living

Molly Dwyer

"Fabulous Job"

We hired Romarooms to stage an investment property we were selling. They did a FABULOUS job. Roma has an amazing eye, incredible taste, and her attention to the little details was impressive. Roma was able to bring out all the wonderful charm and personality of this house, really showing off its potential. Because of the amazing work she did, we received multiple offers on the house after just one week on the market and above our asking price. I will definitely hire Roma and her team again and highly recommend them!

Lisa Donaldson

More Client Testimonials

Roma walks into rooms that just aren't right and immediately sees solutions. In only a few hours, she will totally rearrange furniture and artwork to transform tired, cluttered or unimaginative interiors into handsome, livable spaces that are beautifully balanced, color-coordinated and pleasing to the eye. Best of all, Roma accomplishes complete makeovers utilizing one's existing furnishings and accessories, so homeowners are spared hefty price tags and the pressure associated with throwing everything out and starting over...she converted a hodgepodge of family pictures into a gorgeous wall gallery. I wouldn't think of hanging a photograph on the wall without first calling Roma.

Mary Alice Collins

Roma, just wanted to thank you so much for your help in finalizing our home staging. Your wonderful finishing touches made such a difference! After a year on the market after your visit we sold it just a few weeks later and didn't have to go into the other renovations we talked about.

Monica Craichy

Roma, not only did you help organize my home but you helped me find a painter, handyman, shops, etc. Thank you for helping my house become a home. It is beautiful.

Joan Crane

I wanted to let you know how MUCH I like the work you did in re-arranging our home. You are truly talented, and my husband and I are so pleased with everything. You have given us a real start in making our house a home. It was a delight to meet you and work with you. Your consideration for our home and possessions was greatly appreciated. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Lisa DeVitto

I had the good fortune to work with Roma on a fundraising project. If I had not seen the before and after transformation with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it! Roma literally worked magic on a cold, non-descript board room (equipped with the l-o-n-g board table and chairs) into a lovely, elegant, warm space to welcome guests and host a gala. I believe anyone who contracts Roma to makeover their home or office, or special event will truly be astonished with the end results!

Gay Turner

We hired Roma to rearrange our daughter's room...The room had a very large window and 2 closet doors, this structure made furniture placement very difficult...Our requirements were that she use the existing furniture and create an open, feminine look...In less than 3 hours Roma had reinvented the room! WOW! Our daughter's bedroom was completely transformed into an elegant yet youthful girl's bedroom. The furniture placement flowed much better than the previous room and also provided functionality...We were very pleased with the new room...I can't say enough about Roma Starkey and her capabilities.

Susan Doyle

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Roma Starkey on the complete renovation of our 30 year old home...Both Patrick and I enjoyed the experience. Her advice, input, and vision were invaluable to us. Roma had the ability to ask the right questions and understand our likes and dislikes...I left the finish out completely up to her down to the placement of our furniture and the hanging of our family portraits. She really does have a gift of getting exactly what you're looking for in your home using your things all over again. I could not have done this renovation on my own. I plan to hire her services for our vacation house in the mountains in the near future. Thank you Roma - you made the difference.

Louise Malone

Roma is an exceptionally talented, creative and trustworthy individual...She was a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process and worked tirelessly to not only complete the project on time but also to make sure that my ideas and expectations were met. She never imposed her ideas or opinions on me, but instead, successfully guided me through the entire process without feeling stressed or worried. Her help was invaluable to me and I would recommend her to anyone...

Jeanine Wysocki

I love my rooms you did. Everyday I just walk through and marvel.

Sharon Huff

Thank you for all your help with my house and finding just the right thing for a certain spot!

Tammy Roehn

I called upon Roma on many occasions when faced with projects that required a discerning eye and organizational skills...One of the areas Roma assisted in was forming a game plan for establishing some order in my husband's law firm...She helped to evaluate and dispose of items where necessary while working towards the end result of creating a professional atmosphere required for an attorney. She had to keep in mind function combined with what we had on hand to appoint the various areas...Roma knows how to work a budget and she can recycle things you can't imagine!...I took Roma to my parents' new home a couple of years ago for some "ideas". It was a transitional situation with them splitting time and possessions between two residences. She was able to systematically rearrange several closets, sitting room, living room, dining room, lanai, in what had become an overwhelming project...Roma has a characteristic that cannot be acquired through training. She brings to her work an enthusiasm and positive attitude that inspires confidence that she will accomplish whatever she attempts.

Deby Hernandez

I just wanted to say again how thankful I am for your wonderful consultation. I certainly ran you ragged that day, but boy, we got a lot done. I am truly excited about the transformation of our new home. I know it's going to look fantastic when we're done.

Eileen Staub

I certainly never visualized the extent of the change you did to our home. It was such a joy to see again with fresh eyes all the things we loved. You gave them all back to us as new.

Delia Palermo

You are amazing! I absolutely love what you did in my house. Thank you for making my move much more tolerable, and for making our house so beautiful inside.

Melissa Carlson
One of Roma's unique talents is her ability to create beauty in her surroundings... I had been recently married and was faced with the task of combining two households into one... Roma was able to understand the look that I wanted in my home and began working to organize my house into a more logical flow... Her talent for this absolutely amazed me.
Jeanine Wysocki

I just wanted to thank you for the awesome job you and the girls did in staging my home. We had it on the market for 6 months and there was not one negative comment. We even had realtors leave notes to say how great our home showed. As you suggested, we did leave fresh baked cookies and icy lemonade for the buyers to sample as well. All was appreciated. We got an offer a little over a week ago and will close on September 10th. You are truly a professional.

Ann Allard
Roma, you are the best! I have made use of your talents over and over again and every time I'm happier than the last. You have such a knack for knowing how to make a house feel more like a home. I also love that you give me a wish list and then leave it up to me how much or how little to do. You always hang pictures and put accessories in places I would never imagine. Thanks for sharing your talents with the rest of us!
Stacie Schaible
Tommy and I just love what you have done to the house. It is so cozy and inviting. You really picked up on my personality in the decorating. I walk in the house and a warm feeling just comes over me. I know that sounds silly but it is true. I just LOVE it. Thanks, again for all your help in making the house my home.
Mary Engle
We've been absolutely thrilled with everything you did and just want to say thanks for everything.
Jennifer Aldrich
You are the best!! John loves your work and does not want me to do anything until I talk with you. Thanks so much for your help.
Janet Kromer
What a delightful young woman Roma is! I was enchanted by her presentation and it's easy to see from the photos of her work, just how clever she is with taking all the HGTV pieces and putting them together in her own business.
Jean Ippiloto
Dear Roma,
You are a blessing in beauty! You are so talented and our thanks to you with all your help for the wedding is immeasurable. You not only help with ideas but you become a friend.
Chessa & John
I am very happy with what you did. You did a great job were terrific to work with and communication was fantastic!! You made what needed to be done outside so incredibility easy and provided the best man for the job, he was good fast and the end result was more beautiful perfect, and reasonable. It was a fantastic experience! I will be calling you when I get in my new place.
The house looks stunning! Great job! Thanks for all you've done & for your detailed emails. This was definitely a collaborative effort that turned out well. If I were in the market, I'd buy it again direct from the video!
Dr. Paul March
Roma was just a ray of sunshine from the start. Not only did she fit us in last minute, but she came through with reasonable prices, multiple ideas for variety, and is very knowledgeable of her industry and ours. She surely understands the importance of the personal relationship as well as the professional one. I would recommend her in a heartbeat, as long as she still has time for all of our projects, of course! :)
Brittany Barker, Office Manager of PinPoint Realty